Sunday, October 15, 2006

Point Omega -- To Live in this World

[In today's post I expand the satiric envelop a bit more, to show that when we demonize other humans, we reduce them to objects and see in them reflections of the pestilence in our own heart]

As I write these words in Denmark, an aircraft carrier, a guided-missile cruiser, two guided missile destroyers and an attack submarine are nearing the Gulf of Mexico. A task force of five ships doesn't sound like much, but it bears with it firepower comparable to all that was unleashed in the second world war. They will be in position on or shortly after October 20.

I am afraid because the leader of the country which has ordered this task force to come into striking position of our great land is a madman.

He believes he was chosen by God to bring forth a new world order by destroying the evil forces which threaten Freedom and Democracy. He has at his disposal the most awesome military machine the world has ever known, one which can crush all to dust under iron feet.

What can we do?

First, we correct the typo in my first paragraph and change it to Persian Gulf.

Secondly, the leader of the country in question is not a madman. That is, he isn't a madman if he really doesn't believe that God chose him to pave the way for the Second Coming of the Holy Idaho.

There is no good reason to believe that this leader believes such things -- except, of course, that he has mentioned it several times.

12. To Live in this World

The time has come to shout as loud as we can,
"There is an ugly evil in the land!"

But what rhyme or phrase can frame the lie
which makes us turn our back upon the love of life,
which makes us deny our common humanity
and has us grovel in obscenities?

The blind can feel tears oozing from
the ground.
They hear a distant, deadly drum.

The deaf can taste blood dripping from
the trees.
They see distant armies come.

The dead can awaken to a new life,
to the Love of Being Aware, to the Holy Wife!

It's hard to be a hero, far worse to be a man.
To live in this world, you have to take a stand.

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