Monday, October 16, 2006

Point Omega -- The Song of Man

In the Final Analysis, when all is said and done and all has gone down to dust, when all cards and coins are on the table -- what then?

There are an awful lot of hustlers out there who will sell you fairy stories about how you are going to get screwed unless you do this that or something else to appease, please or accept the offer of their particular misunderstanding about the nature of the Reality, that is, what they call, "God". The more certain one of these hustlers seems to be, the more certain it is they are just writing rubber checks in the name of Ye-God.

However, as I have said before, here and here, the religions are a storehouse of the codified spiritual experience of our common humanity. They contain, so to speak, the musical notes to the "Song of Man".

Furthermore, it seems to be the consensus of human religious intuition that it is in the nature of Reality to balance things out according to what it is we all have actually done and do to one another.

That translates to: If you treat your fellow human beings with compassion simply because it's the right thing to do, it really doesn't matter all that much what you believe, or if you believe diddly-squat.

That's my stand and I'm sticking to it.

13. The Song of Man

To live in this world, you have to take a stand!

The fact is that the meaning of being human
is what we all do and say each and every day.

The final score of the game?
None can say!

Nothing is final until that final breath.
What happens then is anybody's guess!

All prophecy is conditional, you see,
the future does not exist in some Mysteries
of Ye-God as if He wrote Divine Screenplays!

Those guys who tell you otherwise, they lie
in their teeth!
Nothing you could ever believe
can save you from The Final Analysis:

"Alone, we are the devil's devoted device.
In Unity, we are the Song of Man -- the Christ"

Imagine my surprise!

I went googling for a suitable image for, "Song of Man", the penultimate post in the "Point Omega" series and discovered that Kahlil Gibran had composed a poem on the same name. Here is a sample verse:

I heard the teachings of Confucius;
I listened to Brahma's wisdom;
I sat by Buddha under the Tree of Knowledge.
Yet here I am, existing with ignorance
And heresy.

Maybe I'm an egoist, but I just love to read something I could have written myself. You can read the rest of the poem here and even download an E-book of Gibran's poetry -- free.

By the way, the gif I used up at the top I got at a place called "Peacemonger". apparently he sells stuff like this as stickers and buttons.


Anonymous said...

Let your CoExist Freak Flag Fly!

I'm reading a book by a Shaman which delves into the "do it because it's morally right, not just politically expedient". You must have been reading my mind again.

Chuck Cliff said...

O shit, I forgot to turn my mind reader off -- I'm supposed to go to a FISA court first!

Who's the shaman?

Have you ever read "Black Elk Speaks"?