Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Bashing Pat -- a Snarky Rant

If you were so negligent of your mental health as to read yesterday's post all the way to the end, you were reminded that I happen to have a kind of hair up my arse about Mr. Pat Robertson.

Perhaps I owe him something of an apology!

I wrote yesterday that he was either a false prophet (as he understands the term) or possessed by demonic spirits -- I even gave him the benefit of the doubt and wrote that he could be both, as they certainly are not mutually exclusive.

I forgot to mention that he is a raving hypocrite, a sanctimonious charlatan, a seductive spreader of errant religious doctrine, owner of African gold mines and a number of other things I suspect are true but, as they are perhaps libelous, I will (attempt to) hold my indignant ire in rein.

As my reference to his gold mines in Africa is, in turn, a reference to his relationship with the rapine war criminal and former president of Liberia, Charles Taylor, perhaps the more astute will understand just the direction my (possibly) libelous remarks might have taken.

For forgetting to mention these and other astounding character traits of this person who claims not only to talk for but talk with God I humbly apologize. I apologize to my readers ,of course, but must apologize ever so much more to him as he deserves a more rigorously castigating résumé of what he passes off as a religious leader than I can enumerate with my meager command of snark.

How can I set myself in judgment of this "Christian" leader?

Simple, I judge him only with the same rule he judges others by!

In general, he is a prime almost archetypal example from that army of croaking frogs who draw the religious commitment of others in doubt and play a religious version of "Where's Waldo" -- that is, "Where is the Anti Christ?".

In particular, his recent talk about demonic forces and his approbation of assassination of the leader of a foreign nation is nothing new.

In a hodgepodge of conspiracy theories disguised as a book, "The New World Order", he goes so far as to claim that John Lennon's song "Imagine" was part of a demonic plot to unite the world under the thumb of Old Nick Himself.

If you happen to remember that Lennon was whacked by a zombie from the "born again" movement in Georgia where they sang, "Imagine -- if John Lennon was dead!" -- then you may understand why that really pisses me off!

On one level "Imagine" is just another pop song . On another it was a song, a prayer, a hope that we just might realize the significance and meaning of our common humanity.

It was for that John Lennon was murdered in what these "pretend christians" would call an occult murder. The gun was wielded by a pasty little snot for brains ding-bat. But he was only fulfilling the rhetoric of the sort of people who, with vitriol wrapped in religion and/or patriotism, prime people to bomb and shoot doctors and nurses, send false anthrax and real poison cookies to the Supreme court -- yet, when it happens, they absolve themselves of all responsibility.


Anonymous said...

Ooh, the premium snark, the top shelf shooting, yes, yes, yes, excellent.

One who blamed innocent people he didn't like for 9/11 deserves any snark we can aim at him.

Great graphic, too.

Chuck Cliff said...

"Top shelf shooting"

Does that mean I gets me a kewpie doll?