Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Up a Wet Place Without a Paddle...

James has a nice little rant over at his place, along with a graphic that's worth taking a click over there just to see it, basically answering the wrongwing question, "what would libruls do" with the obvious answer, "get out" and what is just as obviously coming down the tube if we don't.

Juan Cole, at the same time, has a pungent counter question to wrongwing sophistry: "What is the Mission?", i.e., what are we trying to accomplish over there, what are the criteria for nearing our goal as our soldiers go merrily about their daily round of Russian Roulette as they go on patrol

If you rely on MSM for your "news", you probably don't know that a car bomb targeting the Speaker of the Iraqi Parliament was set off inside the Green Zone last Tuesday.

The Green Zone is that 4 square miles of heavily fortified greenery in the middle of Baghdad, the capitol city of Iraq, the city the US military has been trying to pacify and keep the insurgents out of in an intense campaign since last summer.

The Green Zone is a fort with Marines, multiple checkpoints and oodles of military hardware protecting tennis courts, swimming pools, movie theaters, commissaries and lots of other good perks for the US Embassy, its personnel and the Iraqi government and it members, many of them who reside there -- and they got a car bomb in there, targeting the Speaker of Parliament!

Again, if you get your "news" from the MSM you likely don't know that the insurgency plans, intends to storm the Green Zone and consider the American forces to be in a dicey situation.

Whether the first is really feasible will be shown by future events as they unfold into reality. However, it is a fact that we have a lot of our people over there basically isolated and dependent on long supply lines -- a classic situation for disaster. True, we have the air power and the high technology, but the fact remains that it's a long way from Baghdad to Basra and Kuwait City.

As I was typing this, I heard, with half an ear, Tony B. on the Danish radio, he was almost hysterically pronouncing as god-given fact that terror in England had nothing to do with Brit foreign policy. As proof he said the obvious that Terrible Tuesday took place before Afghanistan and Iraq. True, true, but Tony, my dear boy, the ding-bats who blew themselves up in the London Underground said on video they were pissed off about Iraq! Obviously, you can't trust anything a man says who is about to kill himself.

As for Terrible Tuesday, dear Tony, Ahsawyah been-Lately himself said that he was inspired (if "inspired" is the word to use here!) to his infamous plan by the sight he saw on television of the towers in Beirut crashing during the Israli bombardment the summer of 1982.

The last thing I heard on the radio as I dashed out the door was that Brit investigators had found traces of polonium in several places where Litvinenko had been before he took ill and died.

The only place named was the office of Berezovsky, who, by pure chance happens to be one of the people the Russian government has been trying to extridite. Therefore a lot of credence should be given to Russian claims that Berezovsky is liquidation and that it was done to tarnish the reputation of the Ruskie gov't.

How convenient, is all I can say!

Anyway, if somebody wanted to tarnish the Russian gov't they'd need a steel brush and lots of elbow grease to get enough crap off to where they could find a clean surface they could tarnish.

Whatever, now I know at least why, when Bush "looked in Putin's eyes ", he a saw a soul mate in "Pootie-Poot".

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