Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Weather or Not It's Not Global Warming

I've mentioned in earlier posts about the weather as seen from Denmark and, as November draws to a close, I think an update is in order.

The first record we had this summer was in July, we had more sunshine hours than any other July on record -- they started recording these things in 1874.

August was a lot warmer than average, but no where near a record. I wrote earlier that September had been a record, but this is not quite accurate -- it tied for the record set a few years back.

October and November were both record months, November getting the title with still two days to go! The average temperature in November (that is both day and night) was over 12 C and the normal for this month is 8 C. All in all, this Fall season as a whole is itself a record as the warmest on record.

It sure is good that global warming is just a theory because if it were really for real we'd really be up that Wet Place Without a Paddle I mentioned yesterday.

If there really was something you could call global warming there would be something more than silly things to point out like the fact that the last half dozen warmest years on record have occurred in the last decade.

If global warming was a fact and not just a silly old scientific theory, you would expect, for example, the glaciers on the Greenland ice cap to melt as fast as they are in fact melting, like several kilometers a year.

Why you might even have situation like this lady who has spent most of her adult life studying ice core samples, standing next to Senator John McCain and telling him that the last time she had stood on this spot -- two years ago -- this was at the foot of the glacier.

Then she pointed in the distance, over three kilometers, where the foot of the glacier is now and tells the senator that all of our models can't explain why this is happening so much faster than we expected.

We know that in climate change there are tipping points, she continued, but we have always thought they were in the future, but now I am scared, I'm scared that we may already have passed a tipping point.

But she is just a scientist and global warming is just a theory and scientific theories are just things think up to explain the facts they observe.

Anyway, what can we do? We know how the American mega-corps scream that if we did something about emission reduction the economy would go to pot, that our competitive edge would be lost, jobs would be shipped overseas and the earnings and living standard of the people earning middle income would decrease!

True, this is exactly what is happening now -- but it could be worse if the mega-corps' profit margins were reduced! This could jeopardize the amounts they could use on bribes -- sorry! -- campaign contributions! CEOs might have to do with smaller million dollar bonuses! It's just too awful to contemplate, I tell you!

Of course, one could point to a country like Denmark which is keeping its promise to reduce emissions buy 21% by 2012.

In fact, while reducing emissions, at the same time Denmark has increased it use of energy consuming devices by 60%. Of course, the Danes cheat -- 15% of the energy produced here is renewable energy such as windmills.

But what you expect of such a backward people? Why they still use paper ballots in their elections! Why, the silly people not only use paper ballots they fill out with a soft lead pencil, they count them by hand and get it done within a few hours after the polling places close! That is simply scandalous!

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