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Concentration Camps in the Third Galaxy

[Once again it is time to return to the Third Galaxy, however we will not hear so much about Ronald Rexona in what follows.

The picture to the right is of the Manzanar concentration camp as it looked in 1943. some will prefer the official terms, "Relocation Center" or "Internment Camps". However these are but euphemisms for what it was: a concentration camp]

If you have read the "Prisoner With No Name", you may well wonder how it was that such an institution as that where Mr. 69 86 came to lose his name could be built in a free society.

The answer is slowly, step by step, down an incline which became a slippery slope -- the key word is "concentration camp".

Whenever anyone mentioned "concentration camps", a howl like that of banshees arose in what later became known as the United State of Arrogance.
"How dare they speak of concentration camps? We are not like that horrible dictator of Bottomslops! We are Free and live in Liberty!"
Indeed, we lived free and in liberty and our freedoms and liberty were but slowly chipped away and slowly erased, but concentration camps is what they became and it is a crime to call them anything other than what they were.

It was not, in the main, a conspiracy or the unfolding of nefarious and evil plans. As I have often tried to explain: arrogance, ignorance and avarice have an innate tendency to bring forth and nurture situations which to the untrained eye look as if they were the result of planned conspiracy.

Just as crickets on a summer night tend to sing in unison, a group of assholes, if numerous enough, will learn to fart in unison and thus achieve their unspoken goal of being able to crap on everyone and thing which might oppose them. It is out of such a situation that the Supreme Hole rose to ultimate dominance.

The start of the concentration camps was inherent in the rhetoric against "illegal immigrants" conflated with the threat of terra from radical Mashers sometimes known as "Mashofascists. In truth, there was no connection whatsoever between them. But as the basic motivation of the campaigns against the immigrants was racist, even eliminationist, the truth was not all that important.

The fact is that less than half of the undocumented immigrant population were latinos from the south. But when they raided the factories, the meat packing plants and other places where these people took the underpaid, dirty sometimes even dangerous jobs, it was mainly the brown-skinned who were profiled for questioning during raids.

It wasn't practical to round them up for simply being illegal, instead it was said that the authorities were looking for people who had stolen the identities of loyal and legal Arrogant citizens. This was a truth with enough footnotes enough to fill a telephone book.

During the raids, thousands working in factories were swept up and perhaps a dozen where found guilty of a relatively harmless form of "identity theft", for example, using someone's social security in order to get a job. But all the "illegals" they found were arrested and sent to the camps.

Men, women, children even infants were spirited away to "detainment centers" where they languished. The centers were surrounded by razor wire, dead zones and later watchtowers with searchlights and the detainees were fingerprinted and required to wear id tags, even the babies.

One might argue that there was nothing or little wicked or evil in the intent. However, the population became used to and then inured to the sight and plight of people being taken away by authorities to places known and unknown.

That matters could unfold in this manner was a result of the hysteria which arose after Terrible Tuesday (and was manipulated by Ronald Rexona in his ascent to power). With the tragedy of Monstrous Monday some 6 years later, the stage was set for his special form of martial law and the camps were ready for dissidents.

In the end, the result and sum all many venal banalities was much and very real human suffering.

I thank God that what transpired in the Third Galaxy and finally led to such evils cannot happen in our country!

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