Sunday, January 07, 2007

The Sacrifice -- War is a Racket

In June, last year, I composed a text of outrage upon hearing the flippant remark that the death of the two thousand five hundredth military in the Iraq debacle was "jus a number".

And now, so soon, so soon, I could update the text to "Three thousand and counting..."

As we now face a new phase in the idiocy of the people who hold the reins of power as well as the ring in our nose, leading us to yet a new round of blood shed for the benefit of Moloch and Mammon I encourage you to reed "War is a Racket", written by Gen. Smedley Butler, former Commandant of the U.S. Marine Corps and holder of two Congressional Medals of Honor.

I will not hear the words, "Support our troops" from anyone who has not acquainted themselves with Butler's testimony.

War is a Racket

Johnny's not coming home today or any other tommorow...

Shall we say he's been delayed by a glitch, of sorts, in time and space which will result in a certain amount of human tears and sorrow?

Although we claim that they should never mix, shall we say he was betrayed by his trust and faith in God and Country?

The price of freedom requires we pay installments now and then & his number came up for the sacrifice -- but something doesn't quite fit...

We have to ask, for Johnny's sake as well as our own, that when the blood has dried and lies there, crying in the ground for justice, exactly who has profitted
the most from Johnny's death?

His wife and kids?
His family and friends?

Excuse me while I throw up & tell you plain while ruining my metric step:

War - Is - A - Racket!

Those who say otherwise profane the Holy Breath!

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