Monday, January 29, 2007

The Day of the Leopard

This is from the Arrogant Prophesies, a collection of poetical rants from the Third Galaxy.

I guess I post it today because of the wyrd over wyrd developments, disinformation and psyops which appear to be leading to drastic developments in Iran as well as Iraq.

I woke up this morning with a pain in my heart
And I thought to myself, "Is this how the end of the world starts?"
With rumors of wars in faraway places?
With lies and deceits and intelligence agencies kicking their traces?

With illusions planted in the minds of the people?
With abominations slithering in the holiest of temples?
With ancient, holy word perverted
and a generation, to terror (and worse) converted...?

These thoughts in my mind, which I'd rather not think,
are driving me crazy, completely insane and over the brink:
When the Name of the Age is "Antimony".
When the world is ruled by arrogance, ignorance and simony.

When the wings of angels lie enchained.
When the world's resources are insolently drained.
The Day of the Leopard will then come soon,
and all the world will dance to its terrible tune!




On Saturday 27JAN07, my youngest daughter (22) my youngest son (9) and I went with best intentions to see the masses at Saturday’s War Protest in D.C. This was a much publicized event and the media managed to pass it off as an event with low turn out… Please, allow me to elaborate our findings. The former Administrations have learned from the events of the 1960’s to do the following. Make it an event that requires permits to be in place to make this “Legal” . In the 60’s and part of the 70’s people showed up 2 days before and simply camped on the “Malls’” lawn. People then would meet, mingle and start the demonstrations a few days later, numbering in the hundred’s of thousands, ending in front of the Whitehouse / Bunker. Saturdays’ event was a culmination of the system working with the National Park Service and manipulation of the Fox News / other media sources. The events’ permits were from 11AM until 4PM. Starting at the Capitol Building and going North, returning to the Capitol Building. When we arrived at the Greenbelt Metro Station at noon, which is located off I-495, it was immediately seen, what the Park Service has done to have control. There were 40-50 busloads of protesters / thousands of people jammed and stopped at the Metro Station with no way of getting to the event. You cannot park at the Mall during these events and the other Metro Stations had exactly the same backup of people. When the Media downplayed the event as a small turn out, they did not look at the thousands that could not make it in time for the support that was sorely needed. The anger that people who came as far away as California, Washington State, Maine and Texas was evident. These dedicated groups of people, finally made the Metro ride down to the Mall, late in the afternoon. Instead of people making a difference in the overall support, they were now just so many tourist from all over. That according to the local news, reporting on the lack of marchers that organizers had predicted. So, to those who would plan another trip to the Nations Capitol for a supporting event, be warned. The days of the protesters in large numbers, are no more. Maybe, when the Tale of Two Cities has its final scene, we can all join in the crowd who has come to see and hear that sound of the final drum roll and the thud of the guillotines ......Just a thought..

Nuke Watcher

Chuck Cliff said...

Thanks, Nuke Watcher, I'll have to read it more closly, I've read some other reports on and that incident of the spitting on a veteran, but the the guy is actually a agent provacateur for right wing interests -- and there was no spitting.

We didn't hear much here in our news about it and the accounts of how many were there swing a lot. I'll have to think about it a bit and maybe I'd like to use your comment to build around.

In any case, it is obvious that much effort has been made in the past years to limit the right to assemble and demonstrate and to limit the significance of demonstrations.