Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Imitatio Christi

The text I post today could be misunderstood and, although I don't mind offending people if they understand me, I'd rather not have that a misunderstanding of my words offend anyone.

There is a movement to rewrite American history and self-understanding so that it would read that it was through the agency of Divine Providence that our country was brought forth from the whirlwinds of history.

These reconstructionists would have us believe that America is in some way a "chosen" nation and dedicated to "God" and "Christ" in a special way to fulfill God's will and purpose in a way parallel to that of the Iraelites of the Bible.

This is a most pernicious lie and at the kernel of the lie nests a terrible, self fulfilling prophecy: if the purpose of the Israelite nation of the Bible was to bring forth a messiah which Christians know as the Christ, I have to ask, what rough beast is it then the destiny of America to bring forth?

America is the first among the Christian Nations!
America has always belonged to the Christ!

Remember, lest the rest of the world forget!
(The world has a tendency to forget!)

When they see us spending more on weapons of war,
mass destruction and death than the rest of the world,
it may well be they fail to see it's not only
our right, but our God-ordained duty
to bring peace, freedom and "Jesus" to the world!

If "Jesus" had the choice of killing or being killed for the sake
of others, he'd choose, of course, to stay alive!

If "Jesus" saw his chance to conquer the world
and make the kings and princes bow down to him,
do you think he'd let a chance like that go by?

If he knew that, by ripping open the Earth's belly,
he could turn stones into bread, tingle tangle and trinkets,
do you think "Jesus" would go to bed hungry?

Not a chance!

America is a Christian nation, and it's time
we showed the world the brand of christ we worship!

There's nothing wrong with our "imitatio christi"!
It's perfect to the last drop of other's blood!

The problem is with our imitation "christ"!

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