Thursday, January 18, 2007

My First Vision -- the White Cross

My first vision was a rather shocking experience.

It occurred an early summer evening. during the brief dusk of the semitropical sky of Poosah City when it has the color of blue charcoal.

Sitting on a bench waiting for the bus, I was probably thinking the sort of holy thoughts a twelve year old might entertain, I really don't remember.

In my youth, it was the custom of churches to "sponsor" benches next to bus stops and of course put in a bit of advertising for their particular brand of Godbiz.

Therefore, in bold letters on the back of the bench was posed the insinuating question: "Did you go to church last Sunday?"

As if it was anybody's fuggin business!

Anyway, there I was, in my twelve year old mind space, sitting on the bench, my hand kind of dangling from the armrest fiddling absentmindedly and my finger found a funny thing with a hole and, being a young male, I, of course, stuck my finger in the hole -- and that is where I got my first shock...

The hole was where a bulb should have in the outdoor light which was intended to light up the church-sponsored bus stop bench -- the electric current was turned on, therefore my shock.

Surprised, with senses on high alert, I stood up, turned around and saw Something In the Sky -- it was a Big White Cross shining in the charcoal blue of the early dusk!

My heart turned around about three times in my young breast! O! My! God!

And then I saw that it was just a neon thing on top of the church steeple...

That was my first vision and nicest way to express my reaction is to say that I was kind of pissed.

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