Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The El Salvador Option

Exactly two years ago there were reports of a secret horror of atrocity being planned called "Taking the El Salvador Option in Iraq".

The reference refers to establishing and training of death squads in El Salvador in order to combat the insurgency there.

The agents involved in this were quite clever and pretty well kept the operation clean of American fingerprints.

Even when the mad dogs and sadist they had recruited and trained killed and buried in shallow graves 4 Maryknoll nuns after torturing them, the lid was never really lifted from this particular can of nasty worms.

The rationale (assuming one can use that word in connection with rabid insanity) was that the Sunni population, although not actively supporting the insurgency, was not prone to inform on them either -- the implementation of the Option would change all that.

Like I said, that was two years ago and, although the silence on the matter has since then been deafening, reports of the kidnapping, torture and execution of Iraqis began not long thereafter and has steadily increased. The perpetrators often wear Iraqi military and police uniforms. It would also seem that they enjoy the sort of protection essential to such bold death squad activity.

Digby wrote this morning that being reminded of this made "...the hairs on the back of my neck rise up".

As for me it made my gorge rise up and my stomach go all queasy.

This is so sick -- it almost matches the worst things that went on in the Third Galaxy in the Chambers of Secrecy far below the clicking relays.

Consider that names like Negroponte, Abrams, Gates and others with connections and knowledge of the original use of the Option as well as the Iran-Contra crimes are again in positions of great power.

The conclusion that, once again, we have put a monster together, gave it its first meals of human blood, flesh and pain and turned it loose in the abattoirs of the charnel house.

This is the sort thing to make anyone with a shred of feeling for our common humanity retch in rage.

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