Monday, January 15, 2007

Words of Wisdom from the Wise

Remember that scene in "Dumb Dumber" where Lloyd's partner, Harry exclaims, "Just when I thought you couldn't do anything more stoopid you do something like this -- and totally redeem yourself!"

Well, that's kind of how I am feeling right now about the Decider, I just heard him on the morning radio saying, "Why of course I've considered withdrawing from Iraq, but don't you see, that would leave Iraq in a crisis!"

Such Wisdom as that is seldom met in someone who can put on their clothes without assistance!

Ah, but the other half of presidential "Dumb & Dumber" duo presents us with what may be a greater pearl of an utterly deep insight. According to the Danish radio, the Great Hunter told Fox news that if we left Iraq, "It would be a terrible and dangerous fuggup" because we "would leave the stage to Ahsawyah been-Lately and al-Qubed."

He went on to explain, "Ahsawyah knows he can't he can't beat the US, but thinks al-Qubed can force us out of Iraq."

(Please note, my quotes here were translated back from the Danish to English. Therefore I may have made what these guys said look more dumb than it was -- if that is at all possible.)

However, [almost] all snark aside, more troops, less troops, withdrawal now or in ten years time -- all these questions are moot and irrelevant as long as there is no clear, long term strategy planned in accordance with real, realizable, in fact sane goals.

The fact is, what strategy and plans there are, have been and continue to be made in accordance with a hidden agenda of hegemony and domination of the world's resources, in particular energy resources.

That is why there will be some form of attack on Iran. When? Don't have the resources to even guess. Over at Digby's place they made a pool and I picked April 1, 2007. Most dates are still open, but Slim Pickens' birthday is already taken.

Events are getting terribly close to where they will unfold like they did in the Third Galaxy, and that would be a slippery slope indeed.

I close with a brief excerpt from Senator Robert Byrd's speech on the floor of the Senate, January 11, 2007:
The President is asking us, once again, to trust him while he keeps our troops mired in Iraq. But that trust was long ago squandered.
I weep for the waste that we have already seen. Lives, treasure, time, goodwill, credibility, opportunity. Wasted. Wasted. And this President is calling for us to waste more.

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