Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The Pundits of Illusion

When I started writing here many of my first posts were concerned with the rise of Ronald Rexona to the position of Supreme Hole of the United State of Arrogance, readings channeled to me by Man-u El-Ishman, an unemployed angel of the Third Galaxy.

Thinking back, I think I see now that I was remiss in letting Ishman babble on -- I should have come with more of my own comments, criticisms and occasional insights.

First of all, Ronald Rexona's rise to absolute power did not come easily or overnight -- it was through the arrogance, greed and instinct of many smaller holes to devour whatever they could and crap on whatever they couldn't.

Secondly, more important and most disturbing is fact that it was not the events in Guanocow and the use of the Automated Army and its Synchronized Soldiers there which was the turning point -- that was "merely" the conclusion of a long and bloody process.

The actual turning point, as most scholars who have studied closely the 21st Edition of the Absolute Truth agree, began with Rexona's ill-conceived invasion of Sandy Aridya.

Sandy Aridya, a country in the Muddled East, was ruled by a brutal dictator who had "gassed his own people" and threatened with weapons of mass destruction the Land of Liberty and Enlightenment, of which Rexona was then merely president.

That this terrible dictator in fact had no such weapons was not important. The need to topple the dictator and bring Democracy, Liberty and Freedom to the Muddled East sounded so much better than talking about all the oil and natural gas under the sands of this and other countries.

As clever as he was, Rexona and his advisors would never have been able to pull this off with out the help of the Bankers of Illusion, that is the mass media and its array of prostituted pundits.

As the invasion and following occupation went from poor to worse to bad to a complete and utter debacle and catastrophe, a quagmire of insanity with the people of Sandy Aridya killing each other as well as the Arrogant soldiers, one would have thought that the pundits who had pontificated in favor of Rexona's ill-conceived and poorly executed adventure, saying that it would be "cake walk", that we would be "met with flowers" and that Aridya would become a "Shining Example of Peace and Democracy" -- a reasonable person would think that these fools would have all been fired in disgrace!

But that is not the way of the world.

Instead these fellows were almost to a man rewarded with even higher salaries and more secure sinecures.

The reporters, journalists and writers who had rightly predicted what would happen, were fired, degraded and, at best, simply ignored.

Therefore, when Rexona once again announced that he was going to raise the ante and double the bet in actions which obviously would widen conflicts in the Muddled East in increasingly bloody manner ending in the use of weapons of mass destruction and maybe even a new world war -- the pundits described before followed their masters.
As one of the honest and sane comments wrote at the time:

[it] is not about being right or wrong or exhibiting good judgment. It is about producing and reproducing elite American political discourse for the masses. It is more important that they can continue to justify changing elite policy than that they supported past policies that didn't work out very well. All the real reporters I know at all well are deeply unhappy at their workplaces, where they typically have wealthy far right-wing bosses who interfere from time to time in the newspaper or magazine and make the reporter's life hell[from Juan Cole]

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