Thursday, February 08, 2007

Eros Agape...!(?)

Here in Denmark the latest scandal is the new building for Danish Radio. Once again, construction has gone over budget -- grossly so.

Danish radio is a public service channel for both radio and television and is financed by a so-called "media license" which virtually all must pay.

It's a small thing, I suppose, compared to all the stoopid, silly, outrageous and even obscene things going on in the world today. The reason I mention it is because I happened to think, "Why?"

Why this need for constant entertainment, for this anxiety that perhaps we might 'miss' this or that, this need for constant stimulation -- are our lives that empty?

Are we so numb that we have to bang our thumb with a hammer in order to feel anything?

Some of my happiest moments come all on a sudden when something, the play of light in the winter sky, a leaf falling on a summer forest floor, when something happens to wake me up and I see life smiling back at me.

I found this little tidbit in my poetry bag this morning:

The entire human being is erotic.

If sex is the totality of your love,
you're as a person immersing a finger in
a cup of warm, soapy water, who cries,

"Whee! I'm taking a bath!"

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