Friday, February 09, 2007

The False of War, and the Face...

The False of War is easy.

All you need is time and a long piece of paper.

You need the time because not all the false comes out at once.

It is first afterwards that the rumors, the suspicions, what you knew must have been the case turn out to be true.

The reasons you went to war were false.

Your honor had not been sullied, your country had not been attacked, the threat was but a belch of propaganda, there were no weapons of mass destruction.

But the war came anyway, and like General Smedly Butler witnessed, if nothing else, war is a racket -- that is, for the benefit of the few and the detriment of the many.

War means profits, obscene profits, crony contracts given without bidding or oversight.

Imagine, 4 billion dollars, American dollars, in cash, what do you think? In compressed bales -- what is it like?

It amounts to over 300 tons!

That is what was delivered in Iraq, by air cargo in the days "democracy returned to Iraq".

The money belonged to the Iraqi's -- it was assets which had belonged to the former regime which had been frozen. When "democracy returned", the money was given, in cash, without receipt, sometimes in black disposal bags -- to whom?

Nobody knows, that is nobody who is talking...

That is the false of war, now, before Codpiece and Snarly start their next war, I will show the face of war -- it has no name, no eyes, no ears, no tongue, no mouth, and yet, it screams.

Actually, I don't want you to see it, which is why the graphic is at the bottom of this post.

I want, I wish, I would if I could sear it on to the retinas of those who make these wars happen, so they would see the face even while they slept -- these are people who never went to war, who avoided it when there was a war and protected their soft, white bodies from harm.

"They" had "other priorities", needed to kill cockroaches, had to safeguard Texas (in between cocktail parties), had (literally) a hair up one's ass -- yes, the list is long, inventive, at times obscene, even ridiculous.

But, these are the people who sent us to war and thousands of young, even middle aged American boys and girls, men and women, plus hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqi's to a needlessly early death or a life to live out maimed in body and soul.

And the bastards want to do it again!!!

Don't look further, because, below, you will see the Face of War!!!

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