Sunday, February 04, 2007

From Frogs to a Catepillar

Something that snarky libruls like to remind us is that Bush, when he was a boy liked to blow up frogs with firecrackers -- what they forget to tell you is that he doesn't do that any more!

True, the young Ronald Rexona, long before he grew up to become the Supreme Hole of Arrogance in the Third Galaxy -- he also blew up frogs with fire crackers.

But this is the sort of thing that little boys often do with spiders and flies -- why I know a little boy who once electrified a little lizard with 20000 volts and watched it wiggle and sizzle helplessly. But that little boy, in a sudden flash of recognition, saw what it was that he was doing to a living being, buried the lizard and never did such a thing again.

Not so with Ronald Rexona. True, he gave up the thing with frogs -- but that was because it got to where it bored him and went in for bigger things.

Later, using the greatest military machine his poor world had ever seen, Rexona embarked upon a reckless campaign of military adventure to gain control over his world's resources . This adventure not only nearly ruined the State of Arrogance, but nearly destroyed the Third Galaxy -- and would have, had it not been for the appearance of the strange ships of the Alien Veggies in the darkened skies of smoke and blood.

I'm sure Mr. Bush is in no way like the execrable Rexona! I'm sure that he gave up wasting frogs like that because of some moral insight into the sadism of it!

If that wasn't so why you'd see it revealed in little things like sneering and mocking a person on death row in Texas, whose death warrant he had signed, along with 151 others.

You'd see him playing rugby and punching another player in the face with his fist as he held his head in an arm lock -- and laughing as he did it.

You'd see him bang his fist into his palm and chortle enthusiastically, "Boy, this feels good!" just before he announced on national television that he was sending the might of the greatest military machine our poor world has ever seen to invade, occupy and leave in ruins a militarlily third division country for no good reason except that he wanted to do it.

Why you might even see him, wearing fancy safety goggles climb up into the cabin of a monster, 190,000 lb., D10 Caterpillar tractor saying, "You'd better get out of the way, I'm going to crank this sucker up!", start the engine and, as it roars into life drive directly towards the gaggle of journalists who had been following him in his photo op.

You might see him do things like that -- but you would never see him, after a failed war and occupation in Iraq, leaving it in a state "worse that civil war", preparing to attack Iran with all the might of the American military machine -- and that with the use of nuclear weapons definitely on the table.

Nope, you'd never see that -- and that is why I always say that the Codpiece in no way resembles Ronald Rexona.

Why that would be just too horrible to consider!


Anonymous said...

Fresh mix of music at:

Lots of changes on this one, lots of fun getting it ready to mix. Working on the guitar parts now. Will have the whole mix up soon. I liked the backing track enough to put it up as is.

Chuck Cliff said...

I was going to listen to it this morning with my earplug phones only to find that they were broke. :-(

I played the other one for my wife, the other day and she asked me to turn it off -- she doesn't llike the dropouts, or pauses, which I guess is because of how you have to patch things together. Didn't bother me, but she didn't like it. It should be said that she doesn't like some of what I myself consider to be my best songs -- and that only because she knows the song I happen to be leaning up to. (sigh)