Monday, February 05, 2007

Upon a Biblical Fate

The idea that certain ancient texts contain messages from the Great Potato Himself regarding the ultimate fate of mankind as described in some sort of divine screenplay where mankind will, so to speak, hoist itself by its own petard into the abyss of a restless night -- such ideas are obscene nonsense which only benefit the egos (and pocketbooks) of religious charlatans and rumor mongers.

The Great Potato has authored no books.

Neither has The Starchy One dictated any to certain "chosen spuds" or "messengers" . True, there have been, are and will be prophets. In a sense, we are all potential prophets -- for prophecy is little more than speaking the reality of truth to power.

Prophetic speech will occasionally, after the fact, appear to have contained prescient information about what then were future events. This is but a side effect, more a bother than useful as our common desire to "know the future" only gives a foothold for those who would control our minds.

If you are the only sober, or nearly sober person in a car full of drunks and the car is speeding towards a brick wall or the drop-off of a five hundred foot cliff, you will try to wake the others from their stupor by shouting, "Stop the car, or we'll all be killed!" That is a kind of prophetic speech.

Martin Luther King, Jr. said, several times before his murder was arranged, something similarly prophetic, but far less trivial, "The choice is not between violence and nonviolence, the choice is between nonviolence and nonexistence!"

It would be kind of foolish to continue to use violence in general and military violence in particular as the prime means of resolving intra national disputes, just to see if King's "prophecy was true" and we actually found ourselves nonexistent because of it.

Similarly with the car full of drunks we find ourselves in, enough of us drunks have to sober up so that we can get the drivers to turn the wheel or some of us can stomp on the brakes.

That said, it can be useful to know and understand something of these lurid descriptions of the Closing Times. The Holy Idaho, the Only Begotten Spud of the Great Potato, will supposedly return to the Third Galaxy. Upon his Return, he will take all the "scrubbed" spuds to live with him forever in the Holy Colander in the Sky.

Up there, we will be able to peek over the edge of the Colander and enjoy the pleasing smells and agonies of all the dirty, unwashed spuds french frying down below in the Great Vat of Cooking Oil.

The value in knowing these things is that there are a lot of people in the world who believe such crapola. Not only do they believe in them, some, including powerful leaders act in accordance with their beliefs in the hopes of bringing these "foretold events" to pass!

Although one can bring a "prophecy" to fruition, one of the quirks of fate is that the role one plays in its fulfillment will probably not be the glorious one had thought to play. We saw this with the infamous Leader of Bottomslops and how his Thousand Year Rule ended in utter devastation!

In all likelihood, the fate of Ronald Rexona and his evil companion, "Big" Dick Snarly will not be any better...
Upon a Biblical Fate

My considered guess is that he thinks that God
has handed him (upon a silver plate)
his role to "save the world" and a rocket rod
that he alone, like Zeus, has the might to hurl,
And that he, somehow, supposedly fulfills
prophecies of the Apocalypse!

For that he needs, most of all, a will
as hard as steel, sharp ...and merciless!

He's not afraid to break the egg or three
he needs to make an omelet, the taste
of which is fired with the desire to be
ruler of a Universal State!

The role which, in the end, he meets,
may not exactly be the one he seeks!

In the final analysis, my dear friends,
It is the means which justify the ends!

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