Friday, March 23, 2007

Crown of Thorns -- However Many Castles....

As we approach Easter, I have decided to treat/torment my readers with yet another "corona" or poem cycle where the each poem begins witht the lasts line of the preceding poem. As each poem consists of 14 lines of more or less iambic pentameter, this means that it will take a fortnight to get through the cycle.

I presented/plagued you with such a cycle last year with "Point Omega" which revolved aroound the visions of Teilhard de Chardin, a felow who deserves to be recognized as a saint twice as much as half of the people beatified by the popes.

As this is the Easter season and the title of the series is "Crown of Thorns", I suppose no further introduction is needed as to the themes that will develop over the next two weeks. However, I want top mention that the apparent criticism of priests and preachers is directed at those hypocrites who are easily recognized by their anger at being criticized in this fashion.

However many castles you may build,
the question of Reality remains
untouched by all your artifacts and skills!

It's writ that Wisdom cries aloud in pain
to see her children trampled in the streets --
the Answers to Questions we rarely ever ask --
that's what they are!
The pearls we chance to meet
in chance remarks while doing our daily tasks...

They pass us by...
Instead, we look in books!
We delegate responsibility
For our souls to preachers and priests who then look
to heaven with folded hands, feigning piety.

Their hearts are in their wallets and even worse
their prayers, in fact, are practically a curse!

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