Saturday, March 24, 2007

Crown of Thorns -- Recycled Prayers

This is the second in a poem cycle where each poem starts with the last line of the preceding poem.

If you didn't see the first intallment you can start here

Their prayers can be recycled as a curse?

If you're inclined to forgive my bitter bile,
You'd better do it now, before it gets worse,
before I vent my feelings without guile.

It's not that I abhor a "man of God"!

Far from it!
In fact, that's the stone in my shoe!
I once knew a holy man who trod
The path, of which I glimpsed but a step or two...

Would that I could recall the words we spoke
Those sunny afternoons -- they were so few!

Or drink again from the precious cup we broke
yet once again, before my journey's through!

They remember the taste until the end of time,
Those who have drunk a drop of the finest wine!

If you are interested in biographical niggles, the fellow referred to here was a Dominican monk who gave me catechism in my teens.

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