Tuesday, March 13, 2007

"Galloping Jo!" and the Mugwumps

Today's piece of drivel posing as a poem by a famously unknown poet of the Third Galaxy is so ridiculous!

No race of sentient beings could believe their world was made in 77 seconds by a Giant Beetle!

Why, one might just as well believe that the world was made in 7 days by an old man with a white beard!

That intelligent beings would follow such a lie to their deaths like a bunch of lemmings -- that carries poetic license too far!

Why, that would be just as insane as having, a quarter century after The End of the Cold War, thousands of armed and ready MIRV'ed warheads in silos ready to destroy the heartland of Russia, the United States and China on a moments notice!

Finally, lemmings do not really dash madly off to drown in the sea. The fact that they are, perhaps, smarter than humans, does not detract from the excellent image of them doing what what they don't to illustrate what humans do in fact do..
The Mugwumps say that the world was made
In seventy-seven seconds by
A Giant Beetle called, "Galloping Jo!"

Whatever role old "Jo!" may have played
In making their world I wonder, why
Must the world have been made by someone we know?

All that matters is the terrible deaths
Of all those Mugwumps who are doomed to die
For the Glory and the Name of "Galloping Jo!"

The prayers have all been mumbled and prayed;
The mothers have kissed their little Mugwumps goodbye:
So it's off to the "War" all the Mugwumps go...

They march in broad columns, the ground shivers and shakes
To the thump of their feet as they go mugwumping by...
And it's all for the "Glory of Galloping Jo!"

Onward they march in their mad parade;
Like the lemmings they are, they march and they die:
Their young bodies pulped on the sharp rocks below...

But what of us, what of our fate?
Is it true we also follow a lie
We might as well call "Galloping Jo!"?

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