Thursday, March 15, 2007

An Apology and a Warning

I apologize to my faithful readers for missing a few beats lately on my postings. Now that I am semi-retired, I find I have less, not more time to write.

That sounds odd, I suppose, but my Sunflower Woman has noticed that I am more around the house than I used to be since the first of January and keeps finding little things for me to do around the house.

Actually, they are not always "little things" -- that is the time frame she thinks a job should take does not match the reality of what it takes for and old fart like me to get the job done.

The latest project here has been a bitch.

She had some workers come and put in a ceiling door and ladder to the attic. This makes it much easier to get up to the attic.

My job was to take all the crap down from the attic. Then to put in flooring up there to replace the jerry-rigged hodgepodge of boards and stuff. However, to do that, I had to redo a lot of the insulation. I think I'm still looking at a day or two up there.

Yesterday was the Ides of March and it is amazing the flowers that are blooming already. Also, most of the vines along our driveway have leafed including the climbing roses there.

The weather folks here say that this has been the warmest and wettest winter in recorded history. The footnote here is that the records in Denmark only go back to 1862. But it does seem kind of significant when you consider that the Autumn season in 2006 was also the warmest and wettest. Other records were set in the Summer also.

Global climate change, depletion of energy resources and the maintenance of
large stockpiles of nuclear weapons by the major players on the world scene as
well as continuing proliferation -- these are the background forces which will
bring about not only the collapse of civilization, but the demise of humanity as

Actually, we could avoid the catastrophe, but it doesn't seem likely. The reasons are a pair of movements started by two very strange men, Sayyid Qutb and Leo Strauss.

At the risk of briefness causing a misunderstanding, Qutb laid the groundwork for the ideology of violence taken up by Zawahiri which we know today as radical Islam.

Again, at the risk of being betrayed by brevity, Strauss taught a philosophy denying the viability of democracy. Those who took his theories to heart compose what is known as the neo-conservative movement.

These two movements compliment each other in disregard for human lives and the cynical abuse of religion to control the masses. The dynamics between them are what is bringing on the coming wars.

Specifically, the worst thing right now is that the neo-conservative movement seems to have enthralled what, for lack of a better word, the mind of the President of the United States.

The Codpiece apparently actually believes that he is doing God's work.

This has been known for a long time and the neo-conservatives are playing upon his illusions. Greenwald has yet another excellent post about a sceance Bush had with a small group of neo-cons less than a month ago at the White House. Greenwald posts at now, so you will likely have to click through an advertisement to read the article, but it is worth it.

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