Friday, March 16, 2007

How Convenient!

Well, well, well! How convenient!

Four years after his capture in 2003, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed is now being promoted as a mastermind terraist confessing to every crime since the crucifixion of Jesus Christ!

Actually, it was Mr. Mohammed who said "Boo!" behind Moses' back as he was coming down Mt. Sinai, causing him to drop the stone tablets, but that information was redacted, therefore secret and you didn't hear it from me!

But, let us not be critical or cynical!

There is no reason that this Administration would use Mr. Mohammed to further a political agenda!

Well, none other than the fact that this is what they have constantly spun and done. In fact. this is what the Codpiece's script writers had him do back in September when they were celebrating the fifth anniversary of Terrible Tuesday which enabled them to proclaim the Global War on Terror to Protect Peace, Freedom and Prosperity.

But that doesn't prove anything, does it?

The fact that all terror activity stopped the day Mr. Mohammed was taken into custody corroborates his confessions!

In any case it proves the usefulness of torture, secret prisons and extraordinary renditions!

Major newspapers, like the New York and the LA Times, just to mention two, fell into line and stenographed uncritically the slop served them. This shows that the mass media is still, despite some recent snarling, which resembled honest reporting, are still on a short leash and under the control of the Bankers of Illusion.

Indeed, how convenient that this "news" should break now just as several Administration scandals were coming to a head -- I guess those guys as "just lucky"!

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