Thursday, April 05, 2007

Crown of Thorns -- Drops of Snot...

Like I mentioned in a footnote to y'day's post, if you've been hanging around this place for any length of time, you should know that we distinguish here between "belief" and "faith".

One way to put it is that faith is the root and beliefs are the flower.

In this, our softest analogy, beliefs produce the seeds of faith -- otherwise they are but chaff, which should be left at the door when entering your holy house. There is indeed a path and a way and, whether we will or won't, it is a path we all trod. The path itself is the place to where it leads*.
Your "beliefs" aren't worth a single drop of snot!

I'm sorry, but somebody has to tell you that!

Sure, credos are fine in themselves, but they're not
The Truth -- in fact, in themselves, they mean squat!

"The Moon is made of Green Cheese! Believe,
and you'll forever feed upon a sumptuous feast
while laughing at those who did not, in time, believe!"

["Not morsel or crumb for them for all eternity!"]

At best, beliefs can be a sort of crib,
a list of landmarks to look for on the way...

[You can't find the path completely ad-lib!]

There is a Path and a Way and every day
is another step on the journey we all must make!

Can anyone measure the quality of such faith?
This is why the vagabond [lit. one who lives on the road] is an archetype and perhaps why the Galilean [which could lit. be rendered as "the man from the book"] reportedly said, "Birds have their nests and foxes their holes, but Joe Blow doesn't have a place to rest his head

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