Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Crown of Thorns -- You Know Nothing...

"Crown of Thorns" is a poem cycle I am posting up to Easter where each piece begins with the last line of the preceding

The ninth instalment here plays around a bit too much with what some theologians in their ignorance would probably call esoteric knowledge or philosophy.

That I disagree with what they understand by "esoteric" goes without saying but I'll try to say something anyway: All knowledge is an approximate picture of the reality in which we find our existence based upon human observation and experience. This is true of science and ever so much more of religious dogmas.

However, I will admit that the esoteric and philosophic in the piece that follows does go a bit over the poetic experience -- it's like having too much base or drums that drown out the music...

You know nothing at all if you don't know where that is,
that "certain place of no time or space"!

It's not much of a help to be a genius whiz
in finding HaMakum*, that is: The Place.

You'll never gain the prize, the "pearl beyond price",
by force of guile or might or intellect!

[Or the other devices of which we are so fond,
The sources of all miseries and regrets.]

The secret is in front of you, or within,
or without if you prefer! Awareness is
what awareness is: the image of God's being
becoming aware of the image of What-Is!(?)

It does not matter if you believe me or not!
Our "beliefs"** aren't worth a single drop of snot!

* HaMakum, or "The Place", like "Lord of Hosts" and "Lord of Lights" is one of seven names used in the Bible to refer to the Eternal. Like El Shaddai or "The Power", it is not well known let alone understood by the general religious public.

** As my faithful readers know (because I keep repeating it), I maintain that a plethora of beliefs belies a tremendous lack of faith.

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