Sunday, April 29, 2007

Defending Traditional Values

The name of the guy in the picture was Aaron Hall.

He lived in Crothersville, Indiana, a town with a population of some 1500.

Whatever the population in Crothersville was before April 12, it is now one less. On that date, Aaron Hall was stomped on, beaten to a pulp, his bloody body was dragged down the stairs and thrown in a ditch.

This was Aaron Hall's punishment for the horrific crime of "being gay". His accusers, jury, judge and executioners were 21, 19 and 18 years old. You can read more about it here and here

For the record, and not that it matters all that fuggin much, Aaron Hall wasn't even "gay".

More to the point -- why does it matter? Why do little shits feel they have the right and the need to kick the shit out of people because "they are gay"? From the viewpoint of spreading your genes, you'd think gay men would be a positive for the heterosexual -- you'd think, if you came from outer space, that homosexual men obviously cut down the competition for females to impregnate.

I suspect the clinch is that many young men are not all that secure in their sexual identity and fear to find themselves revealed or simply thought to be gay. When I grew up in Poosah City, there were two things you didn't want people to think about you. One was that you were a "nigger lover" and the other was that you were a "queer".

In one of the links above Melissa stresses, "This shit doesn't happen in a void". Just as the oppression of blacks and other minorities did not just happen, neither do attacks on people perceived as homosexual come completely out of the blue. Such thuggery is promoted by hate propaganda disguised as a defense of "moral" and "traditional" values. Dave Niewert at Orcinus has been documenting this for a long time.

A recent example is the Traditional Values Coalition's "Wanted" poster for "Jesus". As always, traditional values are being "attacked" and "undermined" by forces antagonistic towards "Christians" -- this is a basic fascist ploy by the way...

Hate crime laws attack Christians and moral values? Indeed they do, in the same manner as laws against lynching were a threat to "southern hospitality"!

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