Monday, April 30, 2007

What Goes Comes Back, With a New Coat of Paint...

Those who fancy that they should be our masters have an odd idea about democracy. In their codex, democracy, along with religion, is a tool to manipulate the masses, that is the hoi polloi, "We the People".

You should know that the last election in Mexico was fixed so that the "right" fellow was elected -- this is common knowledge, although not as common as one would expect in a more perfect world.

Throughout South America, tax dollars are funneled into organizations with "feel-good" names about the Promotion of Democracy and Freedom. The purpose of course is to get people "we" don't approve of, like Chavez out of power and people like Uribe in. Like many taxpayer dollars, the money is often wasted which in this case is a kind of ass-backwards positive way of looking at it.

Such hanky-panky is more obvious when the interests of major players conflict. Remember Ukraine and the Orange Revolution? Do you think it just happened, out of the blue, this triumph of the desire for freedom by pro-West forces? Well, yes, I suppose so -- just as it was a failure of the desire for "freedom" by pro-East forces and the reemerging Russian Empire.

More recently, we see signs in Russia and Estonia that the game is still afoot.

Do you really think that the recent demonstrations against Putin in Moscow and St. Petersburg happened all by themselves? Well, dream on, then -- no need to notice that that superrich fellow, Borovsky, told London newspapers a few days before that he was going to bring down Putin and the current Russian regime. Yes, that Borovsky, friend of Litvinenko, who drank some tea laced with polonium last November and died in agony a few weeks later.

Estonia? Why are thousands of ethnic Russians going amok in Tallin? True, it is a long-term problem -- because of policies of the Soviet regime over a couple of generations there is a large minority of ethnic Russians stranded in Estonia and the native Ests would probably be happy to see them leave. It's a complicated situation with more than a few players, but Russian and American agents are certainly stirring the pot, just as in the Ukraine and other places.

What about the stationing of missiles in Poland as part of the black-hole money investment known as the Anti Missile Shield? Where are the "rouge" nations from which the Shield is to defend Europe? The obvious candidates -- Iran, Libya, North Korea, Pakistan(?) -- are all rather far away. It is just a coincidence that Russia is next door to Poland, right after Belarus...?

Whatever his reasons, Putin is complaining that these missiles just a few minutes away are intended to intimidate Russia. Surely, he doesn't believe that America would consider a preemptive strike, or use the threat to "blackmail" Russia? Why, that is the sort of thing that "rogue" nations do!

Young people may have heard about the "Cuban Missile Crisis" when the fate of the world balanced on a knife's edge for a couple of weeks. What they have not heard (and most of the old folks have forgotten) is that the prelude to the stationing of missles in Cuba was the emplacement of missiles in Turkey...

Things don't remain the same, they just come around again painted in different colors.

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