Thursday, April 19, 2007

It's not a Perfect World...

One of my eccentricities is to make an active effort to forget the names of people who commit a...

Hmmn, I run into a problem here -- I have forgotten the word I need to use.

The reason is that the word refers to the name of a bozo in ancient times who destroyed a city. He not only had it wiped it out completely -- he had all records of its name destroyed. He did this for no reason whatsoever except that history should remember that he had done it.

When I read that, I immediately swore to myself that I would forget his name and the name of anybody who did ugliness simply for that fifteen minutes of fame.

When John Lennon was killed with four shots from a handheld gun, I decided I would forget the name of that charlie brown. I remember Mr. Lennon, but the perp behind the gun is a hole in my memory. Likewise, the name of the barf-for-brains who took out Isaac Rabin and lit the fuse for the third world war.

At the risk of sounding a bit provincial, not PC or even slightly racist, I will find it easy to forget the name of the perp in Blackburg -- heck, even the newscasters stumbled over the name...

On the other hand, I will have a problem with the face.

I can't avoid the face, it stares at me on the newsstand when I buy gas or go to buy a loaf of bread at the bakery. That face is almost as iconic as the mugshot of that Heaven's Gate weirdo -- I can forget his name, but the image was burnt on to my retina in the same way.

O, well, like I like to say, "It's not a perfect world and we prove it every day -- but do we have to try so hard?


Doofus said...

Well Chuck, I stumbled upon your blog just tonight and read several days backwards without noticing a single comment.

That's kind of sad.

I think you make a lot of sense and your stuff contains slants of view that desrve comment.

That is my comment.


Horrific……….the act. Then again, lets make it about the people who stand to really benefit by the attention drawn to their cause, product, or mainstream media, promotion.
The politicians could not get to Blacksburg, VA., fast enough, to capitalize on the moment and make it about them. Geeze I felt so much better when the Great Potato could turn a somber event into a “Pep-Rally”, while a few of the parents of the victims, were trying to retrieve their children’s remains and start to bring clousure. There is no delicate, or gentle way to perform an autopsy and these parents have no say, as to what the “Body Parts Harvesters” have gained through the back door. OBSECENE.. Please, the obscenity is only starting with the video wall-paper of what is yet to come with the likes of Nancy Grace, getting First Hand Eye-Witnesses, one after another, to tell their story. With these few comments of rant, I will simply point out, if you were to ask 99 people if they remembered the event that played out at Nichol Mines, PA this past winter and ask these 99 what was the name of the killer. Ninety eight, would not be able to answer that question. The reason…the Amish handled that tragedy in the manner in which they did and showed, here lives a culture of people who banded together, put the politicians and media at bay, forgave the killer and supported his family, as everyone grieved together. The school building was demolished and a new one erected, leaving us to say, there is indeed a way, to forget the name of a killer.

Nuke Watcher
Baltimore, MD,