Friday, April 20, 2007

The Mother of Scandal

I have no idea how much coverage the US Attorney scandal is getting in the US.

However much coverage it is getting, the immediate issue is but the tip of a slimy iceberg that strikes at the very heart of the democratic process in the US.

Anyone who cares to be informed knows that the presidential elections of 2000 and 2004 were scammed. The 2006 elections were a fluke in that the Rove machine underestimated how far to turn the knobs and lost control of the House and, by a nip and a hair, the Senate.

What the firing of the US Attorney's is really about is the manipulation of elections to maintain political power. Vote fraud is the word that would normally spring to mind, but this is a so refined, so many-tentacled in an octopus sort of way, that a new word is needed.

The fraud is not anything as heavy-handed as stuffing a ballot box. Although, with touch screen electronic voting machines leaving leave no paper trail, machines mainly made by companies owned by staunch Republic supporters, a sort of cyber stuffing took place in the last elections. This can be shown by statistical analysis.

Modern fraud goes the other way around. I don't know, perhaps it is something they learned and refined when they asserted themselves in the former Dixiecrat southern states. In the way the south was run when I grew up, people of color were essentially disenfranchised with poll-tax, literacy tests and out right violence to from registering to vote.

Modern fraud is more refined than poll-tax or literacy tests. The modern fraud uses scare and fear to keep, minorities likely to vote Democratic away from the polls. One of the methods is to aggressively prosecute such people for simple misunderstandings and minor infringements. This is what was required of the US Attorneys. Those who did not do what was expected of them were fired.

Although there are a lot of footnotes, it is that simple.

I could put up a lot of links, but I suggest you just go over to Digby or Josh Marshall -- links are on my blogroll to the right.

Or, you could simply google "us Attorney vote fraud josh" and "us Attorney vote fraud digby" -- you'll get enough hits to keep your attention for a while.

The point is, fraud is the mother of the scandal known as the Bush Administration.


Anonymous said...

This is some good writing. Clear. Informative. Real. Truth.

Chuck Cliff said...

Thanks for the feedback! I guess I have been laid back on the snark and op-ed lately. See today's post that Iraq has mucho more oil than previously was official -- who would have known?