Friday, May 25, 2007

Cash Crop

Talk about getting your news south of the border -- this is a clip from New Zealand gotten by way of Juan Cole's "Informed Comment".

If we can believe this report, farmers in southern Iraq are turning to the sure-thing cash crop -- opium poppies. This proves, if nothing else, that the War on Terra is at least as successful as the War on Drugs -- let's hear another good and well-deserved round of applause for the Codpiece!

Unfortunately, for the farmers, their cash crop may crump. The south of Iraq is not only hot but moist, not good for poppies. They should grow hemp -- but that is illegal!

Ah, but these poor misguided farmers, are they bad people for trying? Sheet, ask yourself, what would you do to put food on the table to feed your kids? Maybe you might even buy stock in Halliburton or KBR!

Seriously, the human equation is not all that simple, especially when the numbers crunch.

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