Thursday, May 24, 2007

Support Our Troops -- Send Them Food!!!

I am getting this horrible, sinking feeling that the inconpetancy of the Codpiece administration could lead out troops not only into harm's way for no good reason [done] or a catastrophe [happening] but a debacle that could make Dien Bien Phu look like a picnic [in progress].

Remember a few weeks ago when those bridges were blown up around Baghdad? Over at Main and Central it was discussed, "What is going on here?" There were two ideas -- the one was that it was intended two cut off connection between Sunni and Shia population areas. Being the cynic, my contention was that it was to hinder logistics for the coalition forces.

Now we have reports that soldiers in exposed outposts are having to eat MREs (what we used to call k-rations) and that even in the Green Zone meals have been, um, simplified.

Don't get me wrong, our boys and girls are no where near starving, they may be eating corndogs, but they are eating! The point, though is logistics are strained and the question is, "Why?"

One could guess that it is because all that stuff comes up by land, in convoys from Kuwait -- but things are so peaceful now, as "surge is working". So, I don't know -- everything is so peaceful down in Basra that the Brits (and the Danes) are leaving soon. Of course, this will have no effect on overland logistics...

Hmmn, there is also the little thing that the Codpiece admin has been playing "Enron" games with us in regards to the "surge" -- the number of uniformed troops in Wudda-Wreck will soon top 200,000 (how many more than 120,000 mercenaries already in Iraq this involves is probably so secret you shouldn't even ask!).

As a Proud American, I have no problem with the Commander in Chief ensuring that the number of troops needed to "Get the Job Done" are thrown into the meat grinder. However, I and most parents would appreciate that they didn't "Enron" the figures. Jeeze, they are now training Air Force enlisted folk in the delicasies of grunt fighting...

Enough! I must stop! An outside observer might think that I was saying that prosecuting this war further in urban settings was leading to disaster!

Nothing could be further from the truth!

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