Saturday, May 19, 2007

Divine Cabbage (A Vegetable Ontology...)

It's probably not too obvious, but there is a connection between Divine Cabbage, y'day's post which referred to Joe Bagent's essay, "Redneck Liberation Theology and a poem I posted some time ago, "Common Humanity".
You may not see the connections, but they are there I assure you.

In any case, the way a person worships or doesn't worship can have a direct relation to how hungry they are -- and that can be understood in a number of different ways!

It's a fact that confusion can make a thousand contentions.
Not to mention a million, simulated prostrations,
before this or that or any kind of cross!

And all that costly effort is then lost
like a belch from a belly full of beer!!!

Try to listen!..
You have no ears?

Is that supposed to be some kind of excuse?

The truth is far beyond bargaining!
Or, would you place conditions on what IS, !(?).

Come, fold your hands piously and pray:

O God!
Come to me as a head of cabbage!
and I shall give to Thee true homage!
I will worship Thee with all the pure
intensity of a desperately hungry man!

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