Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mom's Day, 2007

It's Mother's Day.

I think I'll step back a bit and let the snark, sarcasm and other effluvia flow down the sewers on their own.

Mother's Day, believe it or not, ladies and gentlemen, was not invented by Hallmark -- and Xmas was not invented by Wal-Mart!

Mother's Day, in America anyway, has its origins in a peace movement. It is mothers who give birth to the life sent off to this that and the other glorious war to make the world safe for whatever sound-bite is presently current. It is the mothers who have their sons (and daughters) come home in boxes or with their arms, legs and sanity left behind in the charnel houses and abattoirs of the battlefield..

If there is some distant Judgment Day where we all stand accountable for all that we have managed to screw up and defecate on in the brief years allotted to us on this moral coil, it will become apparent to all that the reason we failed as a somewhat sentient species is how we suppressed the source of all creativity in the name of this or that "God".

Woman is the fountain, the fruit and the vine.

Keeping half the human species in a thrall of ignorance, in poverty, denied the right to understanding, development, access to economic and reproductive freedom will seem incomprehensible to what we will become -- assuming we survive to realize the promise of our common humanity.

But, I'm not taking bets.

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