Saturday, May 12, 2007

Most Awesome Times

[You should be pleased to know that the poem below has nothing to do with our world.

It was composed by the famous unknown poet from the Third Galaxy, whose name, for obvious if not good reasons we do not know. If it were not for the fact that the unfortunate people in the Third Galaxy seem to never had understood let alone mastered poetic discipline, I would call what follows a sonnet.

As usual, this was transmitted to me by an unemployed angel whom I know as Manu-El Ishman...]

It's not what's hid in ancient prophecy
As much as what is bid by hypocrisy!

These questions of what is wrong and what is right;
They worry me through long and sleepless nights
They ride me like a mare upon my bed...

I toss, I turn, my sheets are soaked with sweat;
Then, suddenly awake, I suck for life
In choking, sobbing, hulking, cursing breaths...

The perfumed words of those who "do God's-Will"
While in the name of "God" (or State!) do kill;
They fill our angels with ripe disgust and soon
They will puke their guts, and vomit flames of doom...

For those who read the writings on the wall,
These are the Most Awesome Times of all...

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