Thursday, May 17, 2007

Rendering Caesar Unto Caesar

Well, it looks like the Codpiece administration finally "found" their "War Czar" [=fall guy?].

After a slew of retired generals said thanks but no thanks to the job [what they call a "Uriah's post in Danish] they appointed somebody, a three-star general by the name of Lutz. His choice was to either take the job or resign, I suppose.

Reprtedly he is a capable organizer and he is will surely need those qualities and I wish him no ill. However, if he took the job in the hopes of a fourth, I suspect he will end up wishing he had turned in the three stars for a set of civies.

Although, the duties of the "Czar" are not clear, it would seen that the idea would be to implement White House wishes while keeping a certain distance from responsibility.

A conflation and muddling of distinctions between military and political power has been a theme of this administration almost from the beginning. We first saw this in the preference of the Codpiece for the title of "Commander in Chief". That title is a good rendering of the Roman title "Imperator" which we know as "Emperor" -- "Czar" by the way, is the Russian rendering of "Caesar", the first Roman Emperor.

Just as the Senate of the Roman Republic had some say, our Senate, or course, still has some say in matters of this sort, and we can hope it will shoot the plan down.

In any case, I certainly don't think that things will go as badly as they did in the Third Galaxy and I hope no one thinks that I have ever intended to compare the Codpiece to the execrable Ronald Rexona!

Why things are going so well in Wuda-Wreck that a Brit think tank has figured out that there are not one but many civil wars in progress in that unfortunate country. In fact, they figure that the country is on the verge of collapse and that the gov't there has almost no influence in most of the country -- now who would have ever thought of that!

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