Friday, May 11, 2007

Sucking the Fort Dix Six...

A bellweather for me is what is "news" on the Danish radio as compared to what is news on the American MSM. Also, I watch for a difference between the 6 AM radio news as compared to the later newscasts...

"News" defines our outer reality.

One of the things that makes me proud and optimistic about the future of America is that, even on the diet of mis- and disinformation fed to the American Public, it has discovered that the Mighty Codpiece is a real work of art and a piece of shit.

Here comes the rant!

From here, it looks like the bust of the Fort Dix Six is WOW! -- except that it has yet to make the "news" here in Denmark

In Denmark we have yet to hear zilch about The Bust of the Century. The problem might be that, here in Denmark we had a similar bust last September. Seven guys were plotting to blow up this and that in the Happy Little Kingdom. The problem is that when the thing went to court, it turned out that the "crown witness" was a paid informer and that the paid informer was active not only in 2suggesting" terraist plans but also in getting the things that go boom...

Forgive me, color me cynic, whatever, but when, even at this stage and distance I learn that there were not one but two "paid informants" in this Fort Dix Six case, my antenna tends to perk up and I get this message "what the fug!" coming down the medulla obdura...

At the same time, almost, there was a clutch of Klan Klones busted in Alabama who were loaded, locked and ready to kill Mexicans. Um, this is headline news in the US?


Why not?

Going over to the completely ridiculous, there was a recent media scare that Canadian coins were spiked with spy microphones and maybe even cameras which sent info to God Knows Who -- maybe even Austin Powers and Doctor Evil -- the mind boggles!

However, it seems that the "microphones" were a red poppy them dumb Canucks put on some coins in memory of the hundred thousand or so soldiers they sent to the killing fields of France and Germany in the Theater of Stupidity we know as the First World War.

Here comes the moral:

A living democracy does not fall apart because some people get killed by some terraists -- no more than the degree to which society falls apart because of tens of thousands of people killed in traffic or hand gun accidents. Democracy falls apart because of endemic hypocrisy and lack of information.

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