Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Let's Roll out the Barrel...

Even as the insurgents we fight in Iraq: the Sunnis, the Shias, the Salafis, the Baathists, the Takfirs and, yes even some Kurds and a few foreign jihadists -- all these people have suddenly, as if by magic, mutated into "Al Qaeda".

Every dead body found that doesn't wear a uniform now, as if on cue, morphs into a dead "Qaeda" terrorist with Ahsawyah been Lately's telephone number in their pocket.

Meanwhile: the House of Representatives passes a Resolution condemning Iran for "aggresively pursuing a clandestine effort to arm itself with nuclear weapons" passed, I say, by a vote of 411 to 2!!! [sound of hand slapping forehead]

Meanwhile, almost unoticed, a third carrier task force steams towards the Persian Gulf, while a fourth is being considering for deployment to a place nearer the Red Sea.

These and other things taken together, it looks like the band is getting ready to crank up and play:
"Let's roll out the barrel and have us a barrel of fun!"

It also looks like a lot more death is coming down the tube to turn human beings into shit and instant dogfood -- but what do I know?

If I really knew the truth, perhaps I'd speak
more succinctly to you. My problem is
the truth scares me -- when I utter the name,
I have to turn my away head in shame.

We all own our tiny share of blame,
through our diligent laziness, silence and negligence.
It all boils down to a pot of icky goo
that you share with me and I share with you!

A mighty fleet is sailing this very minute
to the Persian Gulf to join the Stennis and the Nimitz.
The Eisenhower, another Monster of War
with demon broods carrying more
Death than that delivered in the last World War.

How strange that people chide me for saying:
"All the bombs are in the hands of terrorists!"

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