Monday, June 25, 2007

In the Beginning, the Great Potato Made....

I made an error in a recent post about the Great Potato and hope you will forgive me if my humble attempts to clarify make myself muddy your understanding even more.

As you recall, I was only recently granted access to the 21st Edition of the Absolute -- this happened when my unemployed angel in the Third Galaxy got itself a job recently and was sent on a secret mission somewhere. As you may well imagine, the Absolute Truth is a rather large document and especially the 2nd and 3rd layer footnotes are giving me difficulty.

Since the Third Galaxy is a parallel universe to our own, I hope that none you will be shocked to learn that, although many people in the Third Galaxy have thought otherwise, the fact is that the Great Potato did not write the "Book" attributed to the Starchy One.

The Book is a collection of stories, tales and legends told and retold by evening fires over a thousand years. It is also a history of the People, as they came to know themselves. Furthermore it is also a history of the time of the Kingdoms. Therefore, one must also accept that some parts are outright propaganda -- what today, in our world, we call "spin".

On the other hand, there are also parts of the Book where people, angered by injustice, spoke truth to power -- this is what we in our world call "prophecy.

Secondly, there was much confusion about the Special Name, SPUD as opposed to the earlier term, Great Potato. SPUD is fellow who brooks no competition. However, in the original language, Great Potato is a plural form, just like "Elohiim" in our Bible. I can understand that the Keepers of the Keys, that is to say, those who can actually read the Book, gloss over this fact -- however, it led to not only unfortunate, but unneeded consequences.

One must start with the first chapter of the Book, known as "Beginnings". It says, "In the beginning, the Great Potato(s) made the ketchup and the chips..." The point is that the text could very well have been started with an "A" -- but in fact, starts with a "B", which is the original text has the meaning of "in".

Therefore the Book does not begin with the beginning but within the beginning. A small point you may think, but of greater later significance than first meets our understanding.

Later on, the Great Potato(s) make the first man, in their image, out of the red dirt -- and that is why his name was "Red".

The point is that, just as a photographic image depends on just how you take and develop it, so is the image of the Great Potato(s), in which the people of the Third Galaxy were made, is to some degree, dependent on how they developed it.

To put it in terms more understandable in our world, by our actions and the interactions with the world around us and other human beings, we define the image of the divinity we chose to develop in what I call our common humanity.

And that, my friends is why the Great Potato is a plural form. We can become, in our common humanity, a human race or a rat race gnawing holes in the fabric of Reality.

O, I'm sorry, I didn't mean in anyway to imply that the Third Galaxy can be applied to our own world!

Why just take the example of SPUD, the Special Name -- in my earlier piece I wrote that, in the original language it was written as !?!? -- this is the mistake I was referring to in my opening paragraph.

Actually, the religious authorities of the Third Galaxy were in disagreement -- some said it was to be written as !(?), while others held that had to be ?(!).
A small thing you might think, but kingdoms fell and rose and many people were slaughtered often in the most gruesomely imaginative ways -- unbelievable I know, because things like that never happen in our world!

But they happened in the Third Galaxy...

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