Thursday, June 14, 2007

On Toothpaste and Praying for Rain

[Sometimes I think I'd prefer the Third Galaxy to this crazy place -- at least I know that, in the end, things there turned for the better when the Alien Veggies landed.]

Some many years ago a fellow who was running for president said that you can't sell a president like you would toothpaste.

Well, that fellow never got elected, even though he tried twice for the job. It may not be right to sell presidential candidates like toothpaste, but it can be done. Not only can it be done, it has been done and is one of the several reasons that our experiment in democracy is in such deep crisis.

Well, perhaps not quite like toothpaste -- there is a bit more "truth in advertising" required than when selling toothpaste. If the makers of toothpaste were allowed to use the tricks, obfuscation and outright lies and misrepresentations political operatives can get away with, they would be sell us complete bullshit to brush our teeth with and we would just smile and say, "UMMM! Fresh taste!"

One ingredient that has always puzzled me, even as a young boy growing up in Poosah City, is the apparent need to always add the secret ingredient "Gawd" to the political products being sold to us. Not only that, but it seems that the more corrupt and hypocritical the candidate, the more "Gawd" they have to add!

I would have thought that by now, nothing could have surprised me or made my jaw drop. We have had to listen to crapola that certain catastrophes in the past few years happened because some people were not embracing each other in ways that don't piss off The Great Potato and His Only Begotten Spud, The Holy Idaho -- that and not praying in the schools...

Well, hear this: a governor wants to use prayer to end the drought in his state and plans to send state officials to get the farmers and other good folk to gather and pray for rain. The governor says that only an act of GOD can quench the ground's thirst.

A fellow doesn't know whether to laugh or cry!
BTW, the link to the Governor's plan was gotten over at Lurch's pad.

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