Sunday, June 24, 2007

Saint John's Evening, 2007....

It was St. John's Evening last night and, being invited over by our daughter to enjoy the evening, I had to take a bath, trim my beard, put on clean underwear and make sure they weren't no spinach hanging between my snaggled teeth when I smiled...

Sankte Hans (St. John's Evening) is of course a rip off the priests did on the the age old Midsummer, the idea being it is 6 months to the other rip off the priests did on Yule where the age-old tradition has been to celebrate the rebirth of hope and light -- if you remember, St. John (aka the Baptist) was according to the texts, born exactly six months before his cousin Jesus. This of course, like so many other things is proof of Intelligent Design or of rewriting history so that it fits in with ancient prophecies...

All kidding and snark aside, Sankte Hans is a strange time -- it's just after the summer solstice and marks the long, slow slide into the the dark of winter. There is a strangely soft bittersweetness to this evening.

I read yesterday that the Chinese have managed to excede America in the CO2 pollution they manage to pour into the common resource we all share which we call the atmoshpere -- way to go China! Of course, this is total pollution and not per-captita -- if it was per-capita we'd all be choking right now, I guess.

Meanwhile, the American economy is starting to look like a fellow pissing in his pants to stay warm. If nothing else, the Codpiece should be doinbg hard time just for what his (mal)admin has done to the economy.

ON THE OTHER HAND, the idea that the Chinese could grab America by the balls and demand we pay up on the trillions they hold in IOUs -- that is RIDICULOUS!

What people con't understand is that when we went off the gold standard it was because we are now on the PLUTONIUM standard! That means is that, when push comes to shove, our leaders will say fug-you chinee azzholes, you want our monee? We blow your shit out of the water!

I'm sort of just kidding, but the world ain't always a nice place and our leaders are a flock of azzholes!

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