Saturday, June 16, 2007

Watching the Fuse Burn Down...

I am not going to write about some very dangerous developments in America -- most dangerous, but ignored by the Bankers of Illusion!

I am not going to refer to the "National Security and Homeland Security Presidential Directive" -- why this has gone under the media radar is beyond me. This directive, promulgated by the chief executive gives the chief executive access to whatever degree of powers the chief executive thinks is necessary for "...ensuring constitutional government in the event of some unspecified "catastrophic event".

I am not going to mention the "chatter", not [simply] from terraist wannabes, but from various levels of governmental sources as well as media pundits of a likely terra attack on the homeland "sometime soon". The first time I know of a balloon being sent up about this was when Gen Tommy Franks nearly three years ago opined that, in the event of a second major terra catastrophe on the Homeland, martial law would have to be imposed and the constitution suspended -- if you know of any major media personality or political personage who has questioned this Orwellian logic, please let me know!

Although I am crazy, I'm certainly not so crazy as to mention how dominionist evangelicals have taken over the Air Force Academy in particular and are taking over the military in general. The goal is to turn the armed forces into soldiers whose first commitment is, not to the American constitution which they have sworn to defend, but rather swear fealty to the Great Potato and His Spud, the Holy Idaho.

Finally, although I did comment about the mad desire of Joel Rosenberg that the human race should end in apocalyptic orgasms and that might make you think I might also comment on the wickedness of Mike Evans and his perverse wet dreams for Total Ultimate War and the end of humanity -- why, if you thought that, you would be wrong, because I'm not!

Ha! Ha! I fooled you! None of these things are happening in America!

These are all things that happened in the Third Galaxy long ago when Ronald Rexona, with the help of "Big Dick" Snarly and a multitude of other azzholes achieved his ascendancy as the Supreme Hole of the United State of Arrogance!

Nothing of the sort will ever or could ever happen in my beloved America, the home of my birth so many years ago.

That's my story, and I'm sticking to it!

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