Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The Book of Choclate -- Passport to Eternity

As I promised yesterday, you now get a chapter from the "Book of Chocolate". The editors of the Absolute Truth generally ascribe it to someone in the Valantinian school of Knowers. The actual author is unknown, but that matters little as the identity of the actual authors of even the canonized texts about the Idaho is open to dispute.

"The Book of Chocolate" is one of the best preserved scrolls found in the caves at Ragged Haggis after the "War to Make the World Safe for...Whatever..." and this particular chapter, usually referred to as "Passport to Eternity". is nearly free of lacunas so that guess work as to what the unknown author actually wrote can be avoided. For clarity, I chose the translation of Elmer Eggplant as I think it captures the feel of the original text best.

These are words given by Holy Idaho to Tom the Twin about the Passport to Eternity:

There is a secret heart within you. When you find it, it will open like a flower.

Within that open heart there is a vast universe, I tell you is the kingdom of the spirit.

It is a place of no time or space, therefore it is not proper to say that it is either within or without, above or below!

You lose everything but gain all, when you enter through that tiny door which is no wider than a heart beat and is as narrow as a single breath...
The Passport to Eternity was prepared from before time began. What was freely made is freely given.

It is freedom itself and therefore is absolutely free.

Beware of any who would sell it to you -- the best of them are charlatans, the worst of them are, well, the worst...

If they command you to bow your head, lift your eyes to the sky and know that the sky and that which is beyond the sky belonged to you before you were born.

If they command you to kneel -- stand!

If they command you to bow down in obeisance, jump up and run with the wind!

If they command you to repeat a phrase, excuse yourself politely [but firmly] telling them you already have an appointment with the Great Potato...

You call me Idaho, but know that it is but a name for your common humanity.

If someone wants to call me by another name, there is no need for you to quarrel with them just because of that.

As for those shakers and breakers of the world, who treat humanity like cattle, like hunks of meat to be devoured from the bone -- let us pray they go somewhere to be alone with their insanities!
It is written elsewhere in the Ragged Haggis texts the Idaho told his friends that ability to recognize our common humanity is a gift of the Holy Wind and that this was the rock upon which he would establish his community.

Did the Idaho actually say these things? The question is moot! For there is nothing new in any of this, it is the ancient teaching, an old song with a couple of blue notes perhaps.

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