Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Arrogant Prophecies - The Public Organ Banks

Today's installment of Arrogant Prophecies describes a nightmare world worthy of Cordwainer Smith where political prisoners are used as organ farms where organs, after harvesting are regenerated to be harvested again.

What a sick imagination this unknown poet has! The fact is, that is the way things were in the Third Galaxy, so much unlike our own world.

On the other hand, to tell the truth, unpleasantries occasionally do happen in our world. Mothers have stood in lines trying to find out what happened to their disappeared children -- and received no answer.

In fact, many are the obscenities which can so easily devolve from absolute power wedded with the skills of technology. For example, in our beautiful world, Joseph Stalin got it into his head to crossbreed human seed with chimpanzees. He wanted a race of super-soldiers, strong and impervious to pain, a sort of Uruk-Hai.

Fortunately, the fellow he picked for the job, Ilya Ivanov was no Saruman and the realities of genetics precluded anything that resembled the slightest chance of success in this mad plan.

The hope and the promise is that, against any tyranny, life will find a way. Need and stress cause living things to seek a way out and tyranny contains the seed of its own demise. Avarice leads to the need for power, but power breeds arrogance and arrogance, in turn, to ignorance.

In fact, ignorance of a certain sort is required to unleash the unhindered drive to power in the first place.

It is here the lines of mothers wait,
outside these gates of hell, to hear just what it was
their children did, and what the law
which sent them to such a cold, Promethean fate.

Their livers grow and, when they're ripe,
shining, steel pincers deftly snip and yank.
One more organ for the banks!

This finest product of the finest minds of Arrogance
is called "cyro-regeneration"!

A spleen? A heart? An eye? Blood of any type?
Like rows of frozen tee-vee dinners:
even sinners serve the Leaders of the State.


But even children are sometimes born,
and mothers give them birth, and mothers have this curse:

A gasping cry, the rushing storm,
the bag of waters, richly green, throbs and bursts!

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