Friday, August 31, 2007

Arrogant Prophecies - an Unspoken Prophecy

With this installment, the Arrogant Prophecies begins, as promised in the beginning, to finally take a turn towards a synthesis, the light and the eternal hope for a better day.

The unknown poet of the Third Galaxy left almost no notes of clarification of how this poem should be understood, except that he says plainly that "son-of-man" must not be thought of as an individual. I quote, "He [the son of man] must be thought of as that to which "we", as homo sapiens, are but a "Missing Link" -- that to which our leaders create monuments -- and such strange monuments they are!"
Everybody understands
the words I use, but, my meaning gets them quite confused!

Understanding does not answer to command!

It sparkles forth, like tin foil shaken to amuse
a frightened child, or scare crows
away from fields ripe, and chosen for the harvest...

The ignorance of our leaders is shown
in squandered future generations they invest
in monuments to the Missing Link.

Our Common Humanity is more common than they think!

The son-of-man walks among us,
unknown to all, even to himself -- and thus
the words of the prophets will be fulfilled.

(Words which could have been written by anyone!)

"When flowers bloom on the window sill,
is it the fault of the water -- or the shining sun?...

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