Thursday, August 30, 2007

Arrogant Prophecies - The Ugly Evil

Today's installment is again a reiteration of themes seen in earlier verses of the Arrogant Prophecies.

Besides that, however, the unknown poet proclaims a denial and absolute rejection of nihilism and its embracement of a single sided, dark Kali. As he succinctly phrases it elsewhere, "The fact is, the "majesty-of-might" is nothing more than a hole in the ground."

It is my belief that when the poet writes "When every thing that happens, happens not once, but twice", it is a referral to the "Final Analysis", a concept common to visions at the heart of all the great religions in the Third Galaxy (and some of the minor ones also, of course).

To quote the unknown poet once again, this time in more detail: "The Reality is that there is That-Which-Is. That is to say, what we think of as yesterday , today and tomorrow are not separate temporalities -- they are part of a single fabric, woven of a single cloth, just as the robe of the Idaho which was given to the soldiers to gamble for. This is why holes are called "holes" by the way -- they tear holes in the fabric of reality."

"when driving on the highway you can look back and see where you were a mile back -- that spot is still there. That you were there is still there also. True, you can only see the place and not your being-there -- but that does not negate the fact of the matter. The intuition is that, from a certain perspective, one could look back where you stopped the car and took a leak in the bushes. There are no proofs -- just some tantalizing clues here and there in the manifest universe. On the other hand, when you get done to it, most everything is based on intuition."

[For clarity, one could render the opening couplet in terms of our culture as: "Those were the days of anti-christ / foretold so long before in rhyme and strange device."]
These were the days of anti-Spud
foretold so long before in rhymes of the Idaho's blood
Whatever happens, it isn't nice
when everything that happens, happens not once – but TWICE!

The silent scarecrow's silent screams...
The bodies floating softly down the silent streams...

The sweet reflections on the screens...
The speaker droning, "It's nothing but a passing dream..."

"Do exactly what you like,
nothing matters – go greasy into the night..."

"Two billion years of evolving love –
rip it, beat it, smash it, kill it and then shove it
into a grave or a shallow hole
or flush it down a porcelain toilet bowl!"

"What-ever-you-want-to-do is – RIGHT!"
"Nothing matters except the Majesty-of-Might!"

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