Monday, August 27, 2007

Arrogant Prophecies - Wild-Eyed Witness from the Wilderness

I'm having some difficulty posting this installment of the Arrogant Prophecies.

The unknown poet has very little to say about it, but we know from earlier that "ugly evil" is part of what he elsewhere refers to as an "unwholesome threesome".

He points out that it can be seen as the antithesis to the sprouting of the Holy Idaho, which, in the Third Galaxy is pretty much the same as our Xmas ("the hopes and fears of all the years" disappear, i.e. are swallowed up/devoured by "dusty tears" -- which are tears of utter despair.)

"Instead of a crucifixion of the world, we have the world trashed. Instead of a resurrection of the Spud we have an ascendancy upon a throne of garbage, an evil, baleful and ugly."

It's such a cruel blasphemy,
full of impudence and stupidity!

The very thought of "God" becomes
a nagging hangnail, that you worry with your teeth,

With long and yellow nails your thumb
painfully reminds you that flesh will bleed.

Meanwhile, the "hopes and fears of all the years
are met in thee..." and disappear into dusty tears.

Across the seas of grinding glass,
an Ugly Evil rules a world completely trashed.

Its stinking throne is streaked with rust.
(a sliding pile of broken promises and concrete blocks.)

It's here all hopes are ground to dust,
as human forms twitch with electric shocks!

Streets of cold and utter stone,
fear and agony as soul is sucked from bone.

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