Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Arrogant Prophecies - Screaming Rabbits...

Unlike our more perfect world, in the Third Galaxy, there was a tendency in places of incarceration, that is to say, prisons, that the treatment of prisoners by their guards -- and among fellow prisoners also -- degenerated, even to inhumane atrocities of outright torture.

This is how the unknown poet put it:

"You don't understand why such atrocities occurred in the "Father-of-Darkness" Prison, "Gitmore" and other, more secret and darker places?"

"It's simple. When you give absolute power to people over other human beings without the political will that there will be serious, independent oversight, ugly things will happen to those with no voice or contact with the outside world. As has mentioned earlier, it may well be that in the beginning there were noble ideas about serving a just cause in a difficult world. However, sooner than later, the lure of secret power will attract the worst and even corrupt the best."

"That is as certain as the fact that ice cubes melt in a glass of water."

"There'll always be rabbits and rabbits have ears!",
they always say that when they come to take the "cure"...

I don't know where they got theirs, but for sure
I paid for all my sorry excuses with bloody tears!

I've got a receipt, but I can't keep
it in my pocket, because it would "disappear''.

The camp is full of weirdoes who think,
"Here's my chance!" if but a single drop of fear
appears between the dirty sheets,
or bulges in some brand-new prisoner's underwear.

It's not allowed, of course, to speak
out loud of such violent lusts, but the guards don't care
how the prisoners get their treats
as long as they're quiet and keep the barracks clean and neat.

But still, it's always quite a shock
to see them rabbit ears nailed to a rock!

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