Sunday, September 09, 2007

Arrogant Prophecies - An Artless Hymn

The sources to which I have access to in the Absolute Truth of the Third Galaxy, 21st Edition all agree that the unknown poet maintained in any writings attributed to him that he composed this song/poem extemporaneously at three in the morning while working a night shift.

He claims that he closed a book he had been reading about Zain Buddyism and suddenly found himself dancing across the table tops singing this song. Afterwards, he scribbled down the words on a used manilla envelope.

It is a fact that this envelope can be seen in the national museum of the Third Galaxy. The words are there, scribbled in almost unreadable black ink on the back of the crumpled envelope. And that proves what? Well, it proves that the words are there, scribbled in black ink on a crumpled manilla envelope. Religions have been founded on less!
You are reality, beyond all belief!

You are the living-tree, nourishing my green leaf!

You are the highway, the footstep and the path!

You are the answer, with no questions asked!

You are the beauty, shining in each lover's face!

You are that certain place, beyond all time and space!

Smaller than an atom,
Bigger than a star,
Able to go slowly fast,
You stay quickly far!

You are, you are, you are, you are!

You are the holy rock, you are the distant shore!

You are every thing and so much, so much more!

You are life itself, and even death
pales before the majesty of your

-- emptiness!

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