Saturday, September 08, 2007

Arrogant Prophecies - Hearts of Glory

Although, yesterday's verse was the final in the series of poems composed of 16 lines of rhyming couplets, alternating tetra- and hexameter -- it is not by any means the end of the Arrogant Prophecies of the Third Galaxy!

In the composition of the unknown poet, two songs and a brief essay on hope were also included at the end. He himself referred to them as a "postludium". Besides that, I know for a fact from what I have already learned in my study of the Absolute Truth, 21st Edition, that he was responsible for much of the material from the transmitted to me from the Third Galaxy by Man-u-El Ishman -- that is, before he received employment and was sent on a secret mission to an undisclosed location. I hope to be able to include some of this material in a more complete version of the Arrogant Prophecies. Time will only tell if I have the time, energy -- and daring -- to undertake such a demanding project!

I will let "Hearts of Glory" sing for itself. However, one comment must not be omitted -- many sources attribute this song to Ichabod Rain, but the unknown poet makes no reference or gives no credit to him. Some commentators take this to mean that the unknown poet was, in fact, Ichabod Rain!

This is a tempting idea but, in fact, raises more questions than it answers. As we know, Ichabod Rain himself is considered to be a composite figure, a fabric of legend who, except for his name, has almost completely escaped history.

Whatever the facts of original authorship, "Hearts of Glory" is a powerful song of hope flashing out like a beam of light in that time of darkness when it looked like the Third Galaxy was headed for destruction and the long night and it is certainly well placed, here at the end of the this amazing work.

I dreamt a dream of ancient times
when hearts were filled with glory,
And everyone was living in
sweet simplicity.

I pray it's not a fable,
I pray that the day will come:
when, to live like this, in Eden's bliss,
will be reality.

I dreamt I saw an open door
within each human heart,
And I saw the bonds that keep us close
although we are apart.

I pray it's not a fable,
I pray that the day will come:
when the love that lives for everyone
shines through -- bright morning star!

I dreamt I heard tin silver bells
proudly pealing and ringing,
And these songs I heard, without any words,
were only angels singing.

I pray it's not a fable,
I pray that the day will come:
when every girl and boy will know the joy
that lives in everything

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