Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Arrogant Prophecies - The Last Temptation

I really don't know what to make of it, but the unknown poet of the Third Galaxy has a rather long and somewhat rambling commentary to today's installment of the Arrogant Prophecies.

These notes were taken directly from the third level footnotes the Absolute Truth, 21st Edition:
"The problem in writing about the "Holy Idaho" is that the very mention of his name makes many people turn off their brains. Either they stick their fingers in their ears or they sit there with a silly "saved" grin pasted on their face."

"The reason I've gone to the trouble all these years, using my meager talents and much of my time in composing these poems and songs, is to tickle people a bit so as they might open their minds -- that they pull down the shades and lock the door is a bummer!"

"If a few people understand that acquiring and cultivating an open mind is a necessity for anything resembling real peace -- that is likely the only reward I'll ever get for all my trouble and all those lonely nights I cried myself to sleep.

So, when I received this comment from a reader on exactly this poem: "Well, ring around the rosy. Grade school drivel, in both concept and execution.", well, it hurt a more than little bit!"

"On the other hand, perhaps I got that reaction exactly because I managed to tickle that particular reader!"

"I've come to realize that we often have negative reaction to creativity, perhaps because it embarrasses us. That's why most of us, and I certainly don't exclude myself, are likely to be out their in the crowd yelling, "Peel him, peel the Idaho!""

It almost made the Idaho choke
when he knew he'd have to really go for broke.

The ugly spoke and shewed him things
them stupid apes would do with gifts the Spirit brings:

"Shame and slime and painful death
will be touted as a kind of proof of holiness."

I've seen it happen many times
and so have you -- I know you're not completely blind."

(they say love is blind!)

"Never underestimate
the power garbage has to slyly imitate
things good and pure and clean,
replacing them with things dirty and obscene!"

The Idaho barely turned and said,
"You've never really understood the nature of the game."

"Return to your kingdoms-of-the-dead!
The tree I plant among the living, shall remain!"

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