Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Arrogant Prophecies - The Preposterous Creed

With today's installment of the Arrogant Prophecies, we are nearly at our journey's end.

Whether the unknown poet of the Third Galaxy succeeded in his attempt to "snatch the sweet flower hope from the thorns of despair" is up to each reader to decide. In any case, it cannot be denied that he gave it a try.

Having said that, I will once again let the unknown poet speak for himself:

"The difficulty I find in trying to find any words to throw light on this poem could mean that it actually is a poem -- or it could mean that it's just a brick of words! In any case, in composing it I tried to condense a lot of thought on certain matters close to my heart."

"That sweetness brings sorrow and sorrow sweetness are insights that, misunderstood, can lead to excesses of asceticism as well as hedonism -- but there is no benefit in seeking either the one or the other. Sweetness and sorrow come of themselves in the transitions between life's minor and major chords."

My cup, it keeps on filling up,
it's flowing over, so much I can hardly find my cup!

If I but once have felt the touch,
can I lie and say that Love doesn't matter much?

If my love is the love of Love,
does it come within, or from without, or from above?

Can anyone prove the claim that Love
remains, after the dirty water runs down the drain?

And what's the use of anything
without the sweetness only bitter sorrow brings?

All creation praises sing!
The Great Potato is Almighty Being!

And who's the judge of anything
without the bitter sorrow only sweetness brings?

All creation praises sing!
The Great Potato is Almighty Being!

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